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Qualitative Face Fit Testing Manchester

Is your mask protecting you?

A recent HSE survey estimates 5.5m employees in 220K industries are risk, an estimated 50% of Respiratory Protective Equipment does not nor offer the correct protection. 

We at FAST now offer in house Qualitative Face fit testing for those who are required to wear RPE as a control measure under Health & Safety legislation. 

Qualitative Face fit testing is carried out for professionals using Filtering Facepieces(FFP's) and half masks. This can be for existing users of tight fitting RPE or the initial selection of RPE.

Why perform Face fit testing

If you provide RPE Respiratory Protective Equipment to your workforce, it's necessary to prove RPE fits the wearer and this should be clearly documented.

Each wearer should participate in a 30 minutes face fit testing session as required by regulations The types of face fit testing is qualitative and quantitative, the test is dependant upon the type of face piece to be tested.

When should Face Fit Testing happen(FFT)?

Face fit testing should happen during initial stages of face piece RPE selection. If RPE is already in use and in good condition, it can be used for FFT. A retest does not need to happen unless:

  • FFT does not need to be completed on a yearly basis but is recommended wearers receive annual training to cover a selection of face pieces and their maintenance and uses. On issue of individual face pieces being issued it is advised the user attends a individual face fit session.

For completion of a successful face fit testing session it is advised the wearers should be clean shaven, must have nothing to eat or drink tea/coffee/sweet drinks or smoke or Vape 30 mins prior to the testing session.

Please phone 0800 0448126 or email us for a quote, we can complete the testing session on site or a venue arranged by us in your local area.

We run Face fit testing in Manchester, Bolton, Bury, Liverpool and Yorkshire

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact a member of our team. 

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