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Our MIRA course Manchester is for those people working in remote areas throughout the world, whether you are a CP officer or just somebody wanting to better yourself with a more in depth medical knowledge we at First Aid Safety Training will train you to a very high standard where you will learn how to deal with a medical issue within a remote environment.


The Medicine in Remote Areas Hostile/Maritime course is a full on course two levels above the FPOS I course, the course will cover Trauma Primary and Secondary Assessment, CABCDE, Advanced Airway Management Skills, Thoracic Trauma Skills, Mass Haemorrhage Control, Lethal Triad, IV/IO Skills and fluid therapy, Advanced Burns Management, Remote RTC Management Skills, Incident Management Skills, Environmental Illnesses, Extremity Trauma, Wound Care Management, Suturing Skills, Remote Antibiotics knowledge, Tropical medicine, Dental Emergencies, Prolonged Field Care Skills, Abdominal/Pelvic Trauma Skills and much more.

MIRA Course - Recommendations

It is advised that if you want to attend this course either attend a FPOS I course or a First aid at work instructor’s course as the knowledge level may be too much for the student and you wouldn’t want to waste your money and not pass the course.

Upon successful completion of this 4 days course the candidate will receive a Level 4 qualification valid for 3 years.

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This booking is subject to a 25% deposit per person at the time of booking.

Course cost is £450 per person, you will receive reading material, Accredited TQUK certificate, Lunch provided and refreshments.

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