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Safe use of Medication Courses Manchester

We are delighted to offer our in-house Medication awareness training, promoting best known practices that fully satisfy UK requirements. The Medication Awareness module is designed for anyone who administers medication as part of their job. This could be doctors, nurses, pharmacy assistants, first aiders, care home staff and community carers.

Courses Details:
  • Welcome and learning objectives
  • Introduction
  • The legislative framework for the use of medication in a social care setting
  • Common types of medication and their use
  • Roles and responsibilities in the use of medication in a social care setting
  • Techniques for administering medication
  • Receive, store and dispose of medication safely
  • Promote the rights of the individual when managing medication
Course duration:

Over the 2-3 hours the course programme will utilise group discussion and activities as well as powerpoint, Video’s, targeted and open questioning and will finish with reference to further material that can be accessed by the learner.

There will be formative self assessment during the course and a summative assessment at the end that the student will retain. 

Cost of the course:

Please call us for a quote for group prices and individual prices from £40pp.

Get in touch

Please feel free to contact a member of our team. 

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